Look at the domain: that will work: loved, prepared for prooving the society wants to help, you would be 17 in the year 2040 and in trouble but 2019 YES YOU HAD NO CHANCE YOU HAD TO ADMINISTER LITTLE MUCH MONEY AND YOUR LIFE HAD BEEN WORSE IF YOU HAD DONE EVERYTHING TO IMPROVE THE SITUATION BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO TAKE CARE OF OTHERS and you have to understand that people wanted a life in troubled situations that is where the broken bottles on top of walls in southern of USA of America are Ok! as our past - this was wanting children to have a life and that was with a security-caretaker-garagedooropenerbecauseitwastimeforit (yes, instinctivly nobody wants somebody to stand around all day and open a garage door for oneself) for the money, too - AND YOU ARE ALL OK BUT THERE ARE RUMOURS PEOPLE COULDNT SHOW IT SOMETIMES (HOW can you treat a waiter different then that you could be the waiter too. therapy, closed, already by investable reasons because it has to be a community in such a therapy. An at least two (if you find you could be more of a benefit for society why not invest two years for a step in evolution - "sorry, yes the person in the 59th, no 5th row: You need a therapy because you think you could be a therapist. Hmm? Yes ... You have surfboard. You have surfboard sorry this is serious stuff could somebody take this person with a surfboard away?" most five years if after two more years you are not proud that you can deal with every situation peacefuly there will be capacity to take care of you in a free world that is yours *people who want themselves to be accountable for problems because that means there is a solution ["the situation you did something wrong"].

Help-Desk for Earth' Peoples Problems (except IT) - technicians with all their unirisked existence in life willing to assemble that right here right in the next hours. Close the nightclubs turn them into neighborhood-bureaus: FOR INSTANCE PAR EXAMPLE you will have to be capacity for a very factual all-telephone-switchboard operating with a co-human (find the most beautiful word for somebody somewhere being on your side no matter which way around you hold the phone) asking the called person if it wants to accept a call for every call made on this planet in the next years.

Pointing to the meaning of the usage of term "factual" off the english language: Link. For where it is used above that means a predefined set of modules of communication.

Help-Desk for Earth' Peoples Problems (except IT)
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